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L4::Io_pager Class Reference

Io_pager interface. More...

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Public Member Functions

l4_msgtag_t io_page_fault (l4_fpage_t io_pfa, l4_umword_t pc, L4::Ipc::Opt< l4_mword_t &> result, L4::Ipc::Rcv_fpage rwin, L4::Ipc::Opt< L4::Ipc::Snd_fpage &> fp)
 IO page fault protocol message. More...

Detailed Description

Io_pager interface.

Definition at line 35 of file pager.

Member Function Documentation

◆ io_page_fault()

l4_msgtag_t L4::Io_pager::io_page_fault ( l4_fpage_t  io_pfa,
l4_umword_t  pc,
L4::Ipc::Opt< l4_mword_t &>  result,
L4::Ipc::Rcv_fpage  rwin,
L4::Ipc::Opt< L4::Ipc::Snd_fpage &>  fp 

IO page fault protocol message.

io_pfaFlex-page describing the faulting IO-port.
pcFaulting program counter.
[out]resultOptional: handling result value.
rwinThe receive window for a flex-page mapping.
[out]fpOptional: flex-page descriptor to send to the task raising the page fault.
System call message tag; use l4_error() to check for errors.

IO-port fault messages are usually generated by the kernel and an IO-page-fault handler needs to be in place to handle such faults and generate a reply by filling in result and / or fp.

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