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L4::Ipc::Varg_list< MAX > Class Template Reference

Self-contained list of variable-sized RPC parameters. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Varg_list (Varg_list_ref const &r)
 Create a parameter list as a copy from a referencing list.
- Public Member Functions inherited from L4::Ipc::Varg_list_ref
 Varg_list_ref ()
 Create an empty parameter list.
 Varg_list_ref (void const *start, void const *end)
 Create a parameter list over a given memory region. More...
Varg next ()
 Get the next parameter in the list.

Detailed Description

template<unsigned MAX>
class L4::Ipc::Varg_list< MAX >

Self-contained list of variable-sized RPC parameters.

Works like Varg_list_ref but contains a full copy of the data. Use this as a parameter in server functions, if the handler function needs to use the UTCB (e.g. while sending further IPC).

Definition at line 239 of file ipc_varg.

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