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L4vbus::Icu Class Reference

V-BUS Interrupt controller API (ICU) More...

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Public Member Functions

int vicu (L4::Cap< L4::Icu > icu) const
 Request the L4Re::Icu capability for this V-BUS ICU.
- Public Member Functions inherited from L4vbus::Device
L4::Cap< Vbusbus_cap () const
 Access the V-BUS capability of the underlying virtual bus. More...
l4vbus_device_handle_t dev_handle () const
 Access the device handle of this device. More...
int device_by_hid (Device *child, char const *hid, int depth=L4VBUS_MAX_DEPTH, l4vbus_device_t *devinfo=0) const
 Find a device by the HID. More...
int next_device (Device *child, int depth=L4VBUS_MAX_DEPTH, l4vbus_device_t *devinfo=0) const
 Find next child following child. More...
int device (l4vbus_device_t *devinfo) const
 Obtain detailed information about a vbus device. More...
int get_resource (int res_idx, l4vbus_resource_t *res) const
 Obtain the resource description of an individual device resource. More...
int is_compatible (char const *cid) const
 Check if the given device has a compatibility ID (CID) or HID that matches cid. More...
bool operator== (Device const &o) const
 Test if two devices are the same V-BUS device. More...
bool operator!= (Device const &o) const
 Test if two devices are not the same. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from L4vbus::Pm< Device >
int pm_suspend () const
 Suspend the module.
int pm_resume () const
 Resume the module.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from L4vbus::Device
L4::Cap< Vbus_bus
l4vbus_device_handle_t _dev
 The device handle for this device.

Detailed Description

V-BUS Interrupt controller API (ICU)

Allows to access the underlying L4Re::Icu capability managing IRQs for the V-BUS.

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