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cxx::Weak_ref< T > Class Template Reference

Typed weak reference to an object of type T. More...

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 H_list_item_t ()
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 ~H_list_item_t () noexcept
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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class cxx::Weak_ref< T >

Typed weak reference to an object of type T.

Template Parameters
TThe type of the referenced object.

A weak reference is a reference that is invalidated when the referenced object is about to be deleted. All weak references to an object are kept in a linked list and all the weak references are iterated and reset by the Weak_ref_base::List destructor or Weak_ref_base::reset().

The type T must provide two methods that handle the housekeeping of weak references: remove_weak_ref(Weak_ref_base *) and add_weak_ref(Weak_ref_base *). These functions must handle the insertion and removal of the weak reference into the respective Weak_ref_base::List object. For convenience one can use the cxx::Weak_ref_obj as a base class that handles weak references for you.

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