L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
util Directory Reference
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file  alloc.h [code]
 Allocator using a bit-array.
file  assert.h [code]
 Some useful assert-style macros.
file  atomic.h [code]
 atomic operations header and generic implementations
file  backtrace.h [code]
file  base64.h [code]
 base 64 encoding and decoding functions adapted from Bob Trower 08/04/01
file  bitops.h [code]
 bit manipulation functions
file  elf.h [code]
 ELF definition.
file  getopt.h [code]
file  keymap.h [code]
 Event to ASCII key mapping.
file  kip.h [code]
file  kprintf.h [code]
 printf using the kernel debugger
file  l4_macros.h [code]
 Some useful generic macros, L4f version.
file  list_alloc.h [code]
 Simple list-based allocator.
file  lock.h [code]
 Simple lock implementation.
file  mb_info.h [code]
 Multiboot info structure as defined by GRUB.
file  parse_cmd.h [code]
 comfortable command-line parsing
file  rand.h [code]
 Simple Pseudo-Random Number Generator.
file  reboot.h [code]
 Machine restarting functions.
file  sll.h [code]
 List implemenation.
file  splitlog2.h [code]
 Split a range in log2 aligned and size-aligned chunks.
file  stack.h [code]
 Some helper functions for stack manipulation.
file  thread.h [code]
 Low-level Thread Functions.