L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
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int L4Re::Util::kumem_alloc (l4_addr_t *mem, unsigned pages_order, L4::Cap< L4::Task > task=L4Re::Env::env() ->task(), L4::Cap< L4Re::Rm > rm=L4Re::Env::env() ->rm()) throw ()
 Allocate state area. More...

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◆ kumem_alloc()

int L4Re::Util::kumem_alloc ( l4_addr_t mem,
unsigned  pages_order,
L4::Cap< L4::Task task = L4Re::Env::env() ->task(),
L4::Cap< L4Re::Rm rm = L4Re::Env::env() ->rm() 
throw (

Allocate state area.

[out]memPointer to memory that has been allocated.
pages_orderSize to allocate, in log2 pages.
taskTask to use for allocation.
rmRegion manager to use for allocation.
Return values
0for success
<0error code on failure
The amount of kernel-user memory that can be allocated at once is limited by the used kernel implementation. The minmum allocatable amount is one page. A portable implementation should not depend on allocations greater than 16KiB to succeed.