L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
Uvmm, the virtual machine monitor

How to enable guest suspend/resume

Currently only supported on ARM. It should work fine with Linux version 4.4 or newer.

Uvmm (partially) implements the power state coordination interface (PSCI), which is the standard ARM power management interface. To make use of this interface, you have to announce its availablity to the guest operating system via the device tree like so:

psci {
compatible = "arm,psci-0.2";
method = "hvc";

The Linux guest must be configured with at least these options:


How to communicate power management (PM) events

Uvmm can be instructed to inform a PM manager of PM events through the L4::Platform_control interface. To that end, uvmm may be equipped with a 'pfc' cap. On suspend, uvmm will call l4_platform_ctl_system_suspend().

The 'pfc' cap can also be implemented by IO. In that case the guest can start a machine suspend/shutdown/reboot.