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L4::Ipc::Array_in_buf< ELEM_TYPE, LEN_TYPE, MAX > Struct Template Reference

Server-side copy in buffer for Array. More...

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Public Member Functions

void copy_in (const_array a)
 copy in data from a source array
 Array_in_buf (const_array a)
 Make Array_in_buf from a const array.
 Array_in_buf (array a)
 Make Array_in_buf from a non-const array.

Data Fields

 The data elements.
LEN_TYPE length
 The length of the array.

Detailed Description

template<typename ELEM_TYPE, typename LEN_TYPE = Array_len_default, LEN_TYPE MAX = (L4_UTCB_GENERIC_DATA_SIZE * sizeof(l4_umword_t)) / sizeof(ELEM_TYPE)>
struct L4::Ipc::Array_in_buf< ELEM_TYPE, LEN_TYPE, MAX >

Server-side copy in buffer for Array.

Template Parameters
ELEM_TYPEData type of an array element.
LEN_TYPEData type for the number of elements in the array.
MAXThe maximum number of elements in the buffer. If the actual message is longer than the buffer, it will be silently truncated.

This type is assignment compatible to Array_ref<ELEM_TYPE, LEN_TYPE> and provides a transparent server-side copy-in mechanism for array parameters. The Array_in_buf provides the storage for the array data and receives a copy of the data passed to the server-function.

Definition at line 123 of file ipc_array.

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