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cxx::Pair< First, Second > Struct Template Reference

Pair of two values. More...

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Public Types

typedef First First_type
 Type of first value.
typedef Second Second_type
 Type of second value.

Public Member Functions

template<typename A1 , typename A2 >
 Pair (A1 &&first, A2 &&second)
 Create a pair from the two values. More...
 Pair ()
 Default construction.

Data Fields

First first
 First value.
Second second
 Second value.

Detailed Description

template<typename First, typename Second>
struct cxx::Pair< First, Second >

Pair of two values.

Standard container for a pair of values.

FirstType of the first value.
SecondType of the second value.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Pair()

template<typename First , typename Second >
template<typename A1 , typename A2 >
cxx::Pair< First, Second >::Pair ( A1 &&  first,
A2 &&  second 

Create a pair from the two values.

firstThe first value.
secondThe second value.

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