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l4_tracebuffer_status_t Struct Reference

Trace-buffer status. More...

#include <ktrace.h>

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Data Fields

volatile l4_tracebuffer_entry_t * current_entry
 Address of the most current event in trace-buffer.
l4_uint32_t logevents [LOG_EVENT_MAX_EVENTS]
 Available LOG events.
l4_uint32_t scaler_tsc_to_ns
 Scaler used for translation of CPU cycles to nano seconds.
l4_uint32_t scaler_tsc_to_us
 Scaler used for translation of CPU cycles to micro seconds.
l4_uint32_t scaler_ns_to_tsc
 Scaler used for translation of nano seconds to CPU cycles.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_context_switch
 Number of context switches (intra AS or inter AS)
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_addr_space_switch
 Number of inter AS context switches.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_shortcut_failed
 How often was the IPC shortcut taken.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_shortcut_success
 How often was the IPC shortcut not taken.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_irq
 Number of hardware interrupts (without kernel scheduling interrupt)
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_ipc_long
 Number of long IPCs.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_page_fault
 Number of page faults.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_io_fault
 Number of faults (application runs at IOPL 0 and tries to execute cli, sti, in, or out but does not have a sufficient right in the I/O bitmap)
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_task_create
 Number of tasks created.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_schedule
 Number of reschedules.
volatile l4_uint32_t cnt_iobmap_tlb_flush
 Number of flushes of the I/O bitmap. More...

Detailed Description

Trace-buffer status.

Definition at line 67 of file ktrace.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cnt_iobmap_tlb_flush

volatile l4_uint32_t l4_tracebuffer_status_t::cnt_iobmap_tlb_flush

Number of flushes of the I/O bitmap.

Increases on context switches between two small address spaces if at least one of the spaces has an I/O bitmap allocated.

Definition at line 106 of file ktrace.h.

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