L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
task.h File Reference

Common task related definitions. More...

#include <l4/sys/types.h>
#include <l4/sys/utcb.h>
#include <l4/sys/ipc.h>
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enum  L4_task_ops {
  L4_TASK_LDT_SET_X86_OP = 0x11UL
 Operations on task objects. More...


l4_msgtag_t l4_task_map (l4_cap_idx_t dst_task, l4_cap_idx_t src_task, l4_fpage_t snd_fpage, l4_addr_t snd_base) L4_NOTHROW
 Map resources available in the source task to a destination task. More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_unmap (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_fpage_t fpage, l4_umword_t map_mask) L4_NOTHROW
 Revoke rights from the task. More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_unmap_batch (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_fpage_t const *fpages, unsigned num_fpages, unsigned long map_mask) L4_NOTHROW
 Revoke rights from a task. More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_delete_obj (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_cap_idx_t obj) L4_NOTHROW
 Release capability and delete object. More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_release_cap (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_cap_idx_t cap) L4_NOTHROW
 Release capability. More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_cap_valid (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_cap_idx_t cap) L4_NOTHROW
 Check whether a capability is present (refers to an object). More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_cap_has_child (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_cap_idx_t cap) L4_NOTHROW
 Test whether a capability has child mappings (in another task). More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_cap_equal (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_cap_idx_t cap_a, l4_cap_idx_t cap_b) L4_NOTHROW
 Test whether two capabilities point to the same object with the same rights. More...
l4_msgtag_t l4_task_add_ku_mem (l4_cap_idx_t task, l4_fpage_t ku_mem) L4_NOTHROW
 Add kernel-user memory. More...

Detailed Description

Common task related definitions.

Definition in file task.h.