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view.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  l4re_video_view_info_t
 View information structure. More...
struct  l4re_video_view_t
 C representation of a goos view. More...


typedef struct l4re_video_view_info_t l4re_video_view_info_t
 View information structure.
typedef struct l4re_video_view_t l4re_video_view_t
 C representation of a goos view. More...


enum  l4re_video_view_info_flags_t {
  F_l4re_video_view_none = 0x00, F_l4re_video_view_set_buffer = 0x01, F_l4re_video_view_set_buffer_offset = 0x02, F_l4re_video_view_set_bytes_per_line = 0x04,
  F_l4re_video_view_set_pixel = 0x08, F_l4re_video_view_set_position = 0x10, F_l4re_video_view_dyn_allocated = 0x20, F_l4re_video_view_set_background = 0x40,
  F_l4re_video_view_set_flags = 0x80 , F_l4re_video_view_above = 0x01000, F_l4re_video_view_flags_mask = 0xff000
 Flags of information on a view. More...


int l4re_video_view_refresh (l4re_video_view_t *view, int x, int y, int w, int h) L4_NOTHROW
 Flush the given rectangle of pixels of the given view. More...
int l4re_video_view_get_info (l4re_video_view_t *view, l4re_video_view_info_t *info) L4_NOTHROW
 Retrieve information about the given view. More...
int l4re_video_view_set_info (l4re_video_view_t *view, l4re_video_view_info_t *info) L4_NOTHROW
 Set properties of the view. More...
int l4re_video_view_set_viewport (l4re_video_view_t *view, int x, int y, int w, int h, unsigned long bofs) L4_NOTHROW
 Set the viewport parameters of a view. More...
int l4re_video_view_stack (l4re_video_view_t *view, l4re_video_view_t *pivot, int behind) L4_NOTHROW
 Change the stacking order in the stack of visible views. More...

Detailed Description

The C interface of L4Re::Video does NOT reflect the full C++ interface on purpose. Use the C++ where possible.

Definition in file view.h.