Fiasco-UX -- Frequently Asked Questions

Why does strace, used on Fiasco-UX, display a lot of segmentation faults?
Fiasco-UX relies on privileged instructions generating faults to emulate their functionality. Therefore segmentation faults are expected behavior and not indicative of program failure.

Why does GDB stop Fiasco-UX with a segmentation fault? Is there any way I can use GDB for debugging?
See previous question. You need to tell GDB to forward all segmentation faults to Fiasco-UX. Type the following at the GDB prompt or put it in your .gdbinit file:
handle 11 nostop noprint

Do I need to build my L4 applications in a specific manner to use them with Fiasco-UX?
You can use your regular binaries for Fiasco-UX as long as the code does not access hardware, e.g. I/O ports, directly.