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QoS Support in PCA-200E


To my current knowledge the situation is as follows:

1) At present, QoS support is not existent in the Linux driver. The current
firmware for the PCA-200E allows shaping per PDU, but the driver doesn't use
this feature.

2) Another NIC, the SBA-200 (for SBus) supports 4 transmit fifos, meaning
that while sending cells from different PDUs can be interleaved.

3) The next firmware version for the PCA-200E will enhance QoS support,
although I don't know exactly to which extent.

4) I assume that the aali spec (software interface to the firmware) has to
be changed too; since at the moment I can't see a way to specify all those
parameters (peak cell rate, sustainable cell rate etc) when opening a
connection. The network should have those informations when setting up the



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