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Re: pca-200e and linux 2.1.27?

Tom B. wrote:
 > The latest Linux on ATM driver, 0.32, runs under
 > Linux 2.1.27.  However, your web page says:
 > "Development kernels (2.1.x) won't work with Linux-ATM.
 > Refer to the Linux-ATM page for details."

You're right. It should say 2.1.x kernels work with atm 0.32,
whereas 0.31 and below is for 2.0 kernels.

 > So, will the pca-200e driver work with 0.32, or try to
 > get it working with 0.31?  This will be my 1st attempt.

No, the driver doesn't work with Linux 0.32 yet. Use it with 0.31.



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