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RE: Linux LANE w/ more then 4 clients


Simon Edgett wrote:
> System is P133, 32M ram, no ethernet, PCA200E, 2.0.29 kernel, Atm 0.31
> ...                                   ^^^^^^^
> Also,  any comments on upgrading to 2.1.37 and atm kit 0.32?

The PCA-200E driver has not yet been tested with Linux 2.1.xx and atm > 0.31 .
I'll take a look at this combination after my holidays, in early September.

Furthermore, there is a short diff for the PCA-200E driver available from
that fixes the "no SVCs without switch" problem reported by Guido Vattrodt.


Uwe Dannowski, student, Dresden University of Technology, Dept. of CS, OS group
email:  WWW:
tel: +49-351-2848091/+49-172-3736772 addr: Gamigstr. 20, 01239 Dresden, Germany

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