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Re: AAL0 (To Ken Sailor)


I think I'm on version 31 of linux atm.  The main difference for me is that
I'm using the Efficient ENI-155 pci card.  I haven't had a bit of trouble
with AAL0.  Everything worked first time, every time.

I'm also using a fore card on a sparc station, using the fore API for 
AAL0 on that end.  Again, no problems.

Your deadline sounds pretty daunting...


Ken Sailor

HyperCore Technology Inc.		University of Saskatchewan	
Senior Software Analyst			Adjunct Professor
phone 1-306-668-8218			fax 1-306-668-1944

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Alfonso Gonzalez wrote:

> Hi Ken.
> How did you make your program work?
> Maybe you are using another Linux version, or another ATM Linux
> distribution, or another driver???
> I just downloaded everything from the web:
> Bye.
> -- 
> --------------- 
> Alfonso Gonzalez 
> Msc. High Speed Networks & Distributed Systems
> Oxford Brookes University

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