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Today I have been trying to use the UPC (just rate control) implemented
in the PCA200-E NIC. I simply changed the values in the driver to 

  tpd->rc_stream_desc.data_cells = 10;
  tpd->rc_stream_desc.empty_cells = 343;

to get an approximate rate of 10,000 cells per second, but it doesn't
work. Any ideas?

I guess the problem is in the size of the PDU. I changed the PDU size to
different values using the max_sdu QoS parameter, but it did not work
anyway. There is something even more strange: using a different PDU size
for transmission and reception (set by max_sdu) does not cause any
errors. I though that since the CRC is computed on different data, the
PDU would be discarded.

How can this happen? 
I also would like to know if it is possible to set the size of the AAL5
PDUs, and if not, what size is used by default?

Thank you in advance.



"Copy from one, it's plagiarism; Copy from two, it's reseach"

Alfonso Gonzalez 
Msc. High Speed Networks & Distributed Systems
Oxford Brookes University

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