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RE: PCA200

>> Can someone tell me what is to latest 2.0.xx kernel that they have been
>> able to get the PCA200 driver working under ??
>> I need to use kernel 2.0.31 or later as it has support for the SCSI
>> controller and onboard ethernet ctrlr that I use.
>The PCA200E module *should* work under almost every 2.0.xx kernel with atm
>support. (latest tested here at Dresden University is 2.0.29)
>But starting with 2.0.30 it might be hard to apply the atm patch to the kernel.

Has anyone else managed to patch 2.0.29-32 ?  I've started this process
(manually) on 2.0.32 but there are a couple of areas where I run into problems
(kernel code, yum!).

I'm working with atm-0.31 along with some patchs that fix clear cut
bugs in this version.  

Why am I doing this? Well, I need to use the PCA200 and I need to have
a bunch of iBCS (SCO binaries) programs working.  iBCS won't work with 
2.1.x kernels.

Any comments &| useful suggestions would be much appreciated.


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