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SSCOP Fails To Go


I'm using a PCA200E card and I just keep getting the dreaded
'O:VT(CC)>=MaxCC' message from atmsigd.

I'm using:

        linux 2.0.29 (glibc) 
        Linux ATM 0.31
        Talking to a Virata switch

The switch shows ILMI up and running, but SSCOP alternating between
idle and connecting.

It very briefly ran until I reset the machine but I couldn't work
out what I did to make it so (bing showed about 70Mbps to a nearby Sparc).

Is there perhaps some dreadful interop problem between Linux ATM and
Virata switches? Or should I give up and go buy a 100BaseT ethernet
card? Don't you just love the way ethernet just works first time ...

Miserably Yours,
Luke Diamand

Tel: +44 1223 566919      Fax: +44 1223 566915

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