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Re: PCA 200E traffic shaping support?

Kees Verstoep wrote:
> I hope someone can tell me what the current state of traffic shaping
> support on the FORE PCA200E is.
> ...
> As far as I know, one important problem was that the old firmware only
> used a single on-board FIFO fifo to implement this, so if you would
> enqueue packets that needed to be sent out over different CBR PVC's
> with a low PCR, they would all effectively be serialized.
That was caused by a driver error, not a firmware problem.

> We are wondering to what extent the latest version of the firmware
> resolves this issue.  Are the 4 on-board FIFO's now actually used
> so that multiple CBR PVC's can be active simultaneously?
According to FORE specs it should be possible to have non-CBR traffic
(signaling, ilmi, ...) plus *three* CBR connections. I successfully run
signaling with *two* CBR connections apparently not influencing each other.


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