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Installation problem: "VT(CC)<=MaxCC"

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install an ATM interface in one Linux box and connecting to an ATM Switch (in another part of town).
I get these data from our administrator (who loves Cisco):

CBR 2314
Classical IP RC1483 (only)
UNI 3.0
Burst tolerance 200
PVC VBR tagged
VCI/VPI 0/33

Our ATM interface:

1. Original OS Slackware 3.4. Replaced it with 2.1.126.
2. ATM 0.52 patched, pca200e 0.4 patched.
3. Enabled Classic IP.
4. No problems during compilation and reboot.
5. pca200e card detected without any errors.
6. Starting atm:

%atmsigd -b -l /var/atmsigd.log

5. Checking log-file:

atmsigd:SSCOP: layer management - error O "VT(CC)>=MaxCC"
atmsigd:SSCOP: layer management - error O "VT(CC)>=MaxCC"


I guess this is why i'm not connecting to the switch. This error also occured with kernel 2.0.25 and 2.0.29 with atm 0.31.

Please help!

Have I missed something? I'm very new to this.

Merry Christmas anyway!


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