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Re: PB using ATM tools with PCA200E

Patrice Puichaud wrote:
> ...
> For example, I can't make a connection with the switch using atmsigd (only
> begin packets are transmitted to the switch but there is no reponse).

Make sure that:
* cabling is correct (The RX LED goes off when you plug in the cables right)
* UNI signalling for that port is not disabled in the switch.
* cat /proc/atm/devices shows RX and TX packets for the pca200e
* cat /proc/interrupts shows interrupts for the pca200e
* there are no syslog entries claiming  "TX queue saturated"
* the pcadump utility doesn't display a heartbeat state of 0xDEADxxxx

If you're not bound to Linux 2.0.x, try out recent Linux kernel, ATM tools and
the PCA-200E driver version 0.4.



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