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Re: SV: RE: Hardware shaping

Ronnie Lindgren wrote:
> But, how do I configure my PCA200E to work with the ISP switch?
> atmarp -s 0.100   qos cbr,aal5:max_pcr=10Mbps (Thanks Yon!)
> The problem is that the switch throws away almost all packets from my
> NIC when they use shaping.  The ISP switch is set to 2.5Mbps shaping. 

No, what is probably happening is that your ISP doesn't implement
PPD/EPD (partial packet drop/early packet drop).  So when you go over
your 2.5M they just drop random cells from you.  Since a packet with
a cell missing is invalid, it gets dropped.

> If the ISP switch is set to 90 Mbps and my NIC to 166 cps (=2Mbps) shaping,

When you do this do you actually get limited to just 2?  And it doesn't work
when you limit yourslef to 2Mbps and they limit at 2.5Mbps it doesn't work?
That is odd.

The other possibility is that their switch is being too strict about
what constitues a burst.  Do small packets always get through, but
large packets always fail?  (i.e. compare a 60-byte ping to a 1400-byte

> it works ok. But, my ISP is not happy about that (90Mbps), because they
> have heavy traffic at the moment  :-(

Can't they just watch your traffic and make sure you don't go over?


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