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Re: PCA200EPC or PCA200EUX?

> Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> > Lets say that I have a Sun Ultra10 with a PCA-200EUX card. What do
> > you think my success would be using your driver when compiling and
> > using it under sparc-linux?
> No idea ;-)
> I'd suggest to start with the PPC ported version of the PCA-200E Linux driver,
> since it ought to be even more platform independend. Christophe Lizzi
> <> has finished the PPC port just a few days ago. I'll merge his
> changes into my driver as soon as I find time for that. Meanwhile,
> is the place to look 

There are some folks here interested in an Ultrasparc version
of the driver.

So it is quite possible that the port to sparc would be done
within a few weeks.


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