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firmware for FORE200E adapters-reg

Dear Sir,

	I, A.DAVID SELVAKUMAR is presently working with Centre for
Developement of Advanced Computing an R&D organisation  under Dept.of
Electronics,Govt. of India as Member Tecnical Staff.

	Currently I am engaged in a project titled "real-time fault
tolerant system".as the part of the project we tried to implement ATM
network on linux with FORE200E adapters.
	We downloaded the required stuff pca200e-0.4.tar.gz from your site
and it specified that it is meant for linux kernel version linux-2.1.106
 etc. and it also needs ATM on linux version atm-0.38 from

	But as per the usage document atm-0.38 needs linux kernel
	kindly clarify to us whether pca200e-0.4 will work with linux
kernel 2.1.105 or atm-0.38 will be fitting into linux kernel 2.1.106.

thanks and regards


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