Poll for Separation Kernel (microkernel) CC Protection Profile

Holger Blasum holger.blasum at sysgo.com
Sun Jan 20 18:47:00 CET 2019

Hello l4-hackers,

On 11-26, Holger Blasum wrote:
> microkernel-based systems can be used as separation kernels[*]
> for security. 
> At the moment there is a poll on input for a Common Criteria 
> for Information Technology Security (CC) separation
> kernel protection profile draft, organized by a certMILS.eu
> colleague from Rostock Univ, at
>      https://evasys.uni-rostock.de/evasys/online.php?p=ccuf-sk-wg
> The idea is to have a base protection profile (PP) that
> all players can agree with and to specify additional functionality
> as add-ons to the PP (e.g., in the form of PP modules).
> The questionnaire is an opportunity to provide early feedback. Note
> that there are no mandatory questions, i.e. you can freely move around /
> you can leave any question unanswered - the only condition for your
> feedback be submitted to the collection system is that you go to the last
> page and use the submit button there. We invite feedback via that poll 
> by end of this week.
> If, beyond the questionnaire, you want to join the Common Criteria User's 
> Forum separation kernel working group, or anyone would like to have more
> time, just let me know by answering to this email.
> [*] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_Independent_Levels_of_Security

For those who (thanks!) participated in the poll on the separation
kernel protection profile (or are otherwise interested in the results),
my colleague Thorsten from certMILS has made available the results at:


For the impatient: the results are in Chapter 4.

Of course this is just the beginning, and the real task for 2019
is to act on the observations :-) . Recall that if you want join the
Common Criteria Users Forum (CCUF) separation kernel working group for
further discussion just let me know by answering to this email to my
private mail.


Holger Blasum, SYSGO

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