some questions about l4bd.c in l4linux at
Wed Feb 20 10:44:35 CET 2019

Hi Adam,
  I am studying how to support emmc storage in L4Re.
   I have read the file l4linux/drivers/block/l4bd.c.
   I have some questions

1、  In “l4linux/drivers/block/l4bd.c”, I can’t find the function implementation of “l4fdxc_request_write” and some with prefix l4fdxc in l4linx or l4,
is there some demos?

2、  If it is implemented by ourselves, where is more reasonable to place “l4fdxc_request_write” , in l4 or l4linux ?

3、  If in l4, Which implementation is more reasonable , lib or server?

Thank you very much

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