Porting Pistachio to Cell

Tyson Key tyson.key at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 16:15:29 CEST 2019


In a wave of projects, over the years, I've been working on trying to
rescue the Pistachio GitHub repository from bitrot, and build it with
modern tools (I have one project that builds, and runs on x86, with an
ancient version of GRUB, and another, that's a complete basket case, since
KickStart is broken, but that's another matter), and saw, with some
interest, ports to various Open Firmware-enabled platforms, and wondered if
anyone had any guides to building, and running a PowerPC 64-bit userland,
and boot infrastructure?

There was an old guide to building with PSIM, and PPC32, on the KIT
Website, but it seems incomplete, and it doesn't seem obvious, as to how
one would build a bootable disk image, or how to prepare the compiled
userland to run on hardware.

Since the site is pretty dated, and the code has changed, since then, is
that information even relevant?

I've got access to a FreeBSD 12 PPC64 build environment, under QEMU's
PSeries Xenial machine emulator, and I'm in the process of trying to set up
a direct development environment, on a PlayStation 3 system, so access to
PowerPC toolchains isn't a problem.

Eventually, I'm planning on seeing if I can use the existing code, and
parts of FreeBSD's PlayStation 3 port, to implement a basic, first-draft
port to run on Sony's CellOS/BEAT ABI-based hypervisor, or in GameOS mode,
with PetitBoot.

Thanks in advance, for any assistance,

Tyson Key.
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