Want to run L4Re on Raspberry PI.

Lei Zhou lezhou at blackberry.com
Wed May 29 15:48:16 CEST 2019

Thanks Paul and Matthias for valuable inputs and comments, which greatly save me a lot of time to searching and googling.

I am using pi2 or pi3.   Has been mostly collecting various information and today will try based on all your inputs.

Much appreciated.

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On [29-05-2019 14:35], Paul Boddie wrote:
> On Wednesday 29. May 2019 08.39.11 Matthias Lange wrote:
> >
> > On [28-05-2019 21:21], Lei Zhou wrote:
> > > Thanks Paul for your prompt response.  I will give it try and see how it
> > > goes.    Regards,   Lei
> > I just want to add two things to Paul's very good description.
> >
> > First, have you checked our build instructions and how tos on our github [1]
> > ?
> Maybe there should be some updates to l4re.org to communicate any new advice.
> > And second, which Raspberry Pi model are you targeting? Newer (> gcc 4.7)
> > cross-toolchains seem to have dropped support for ARMv6k. While you still
> > can compile L4Re/Fiasco for that architecture the binaries will not run
> > later.
> One thing I did forget to mention was the cross-toolchains, which was
> regrettable. I believe that the Debian toolchains in Debian 9 (Stretch), 10
> (Buster) or unstable (Sid) should be good enough, but as is noted above, the
> architecture variant of earlier Raspberry Pi models (and the Pi Zero) is not
> supported in Debian any more (which is why Raspbian exists).
> I suppose that L4Re could be compiled natively within Raspbian if that is
> already deployed. I don't remember if there are any complications for ARM
> about code output, but looking at the src/l4/mk/arch/Makeconf.arm, it seems
> that a fairly standard arm-linux-gnueabihf toolchain is indicated. (I suppose
> I could be thinking about certain "bare metal" configurations requiring
> differently-configured compilers.)

The issue we have with "standard" cross toolchains is the libgcc they are
shipping. It is compiled for ARMv7 and contains instructions that are
unknown / illegal on ARMv6k. The mean thing is, that our build system tells
GCC via "-march=armv6zk" what code to generate but then links the wrong


> Otherwise, I had some success with Buildroot in generating toolchains, these
> being needed for my soft-float MIPS configuration.
> Paul
> > [1] https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_kernkonzept_manifest_wiki&d=DwIDAw&c=yzoHOc_ZK-sxl-kfGNSEvlJYanssXN3q-lhj0sp26wE&r=zgPsMwBitHoKyTzLULGKGmtjlsV9d0M7_KqUo-WYeMg&m=XD2cZlbNcyagrNsa4fRXlqxbq92GARxbGf9gzzR9mlU&s=Bl85gddmhrqQfmlXhG69DEnQlJIshub7N1hXIkQiL6w&e=

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