Unable to create Goos FB in UEFI mode

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Sep 9 23:44:22 CEST 2019


On Fri Sep 06, 2019 at 14:15:00 +0700, Adi Lima wrote:
> I've been trying to make this one work, but in vain, so far...
> Either using qemu or in real hardware, all failed when booting from UEFI.
> >From qemu's stdio I know that the boot has been completed successfuly, but
> it seems like fb-drv was unable to support current default mode from EFI
> Framebuffer boot (or it is trying to switch to some other mode, and
> failed?).
> I was using standard ex_fb_spectrum_cc, with x86-fb.io, x86-fb.cfg and
> x86-legacy.devs, all loaded by grub2 as Multiboot2 and Module2
> Everything was fine if booted using BIOS, but I haven't try on UEFI mode
> with CSM.

I believe this has nothing to do with UEFI vs. CSM but...

> Can you give me a hint of what to try next, please?
> fbdrv   | Trying execution of ``set VBE mode'' using x86emu
> fbdrv   | Found VESA BIOS version 3.0
> fbdrv   | OEM QEMU
> fbdrv   | Scanning for 'best' possible mode:
> fbdrv   | Trying to read DDC info
> fbdrv   | DDC function not supported
> fbdrv   | EDID not available (-19), finding best possible mode ...
> fbdrv   | Mode: 0xf1   1024x768 at 32, RGB: 16(8):8(8):0(8) mode: bb
> fbdrv   | Could not find suitable mode
> fbdrv   | Failed to setup Framebuffer

It finds at least one possible mode but the auto selection is not very
"smart" in this case.
Please try to add -m 0xf1 to fb-drv command line in the x86-fb.cfg.

Does this help?


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