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Currently there's only a big "all-in-one" patch available. Separate tiny
patches can be made on request. The patch contains the following

 * configure,
     - change version to 0.93-os
     - add pcnet32 drv selection
     - add ntulip drv selection
 * grub/asmstub.c: 
     - exchange values for [NP]PAGE, seemed to be interchanged
 * netboot/
     - add pcnet32 drv
     - add ntulip drv
 * netboot/fsys_tftp.c:
     - do bootp/dhcp on first occurence of "(nd)/..." if not initialized yet
 * netboot/misc.c:
     - always spin the wheel, not only when debugging is on
 * netboot/pcnet32.c: (new file)
     - Uwe Dannowskis pcnet32 driver
 * netboot/eepro100.c:  (other drivers maybe affected as well)
     - fix: warning: declaration of `nic' shadows global declaration
     - fix: warning: declaration of `value' shadows local declaration in eepro100_probe
 * netboot/3c905.c:
     - fix: warning: declaration of `nic' shadows global declaration
     - commend two functions which aren't used
 * netboot/ntulip.{c,txt}:
     - adds Dresden tulip driver

 * stage2/asm.S:
     - add reset_vbe_mode, get_vbe_pmif
     - exchange KEY_[NP]PAGE, again interchanged
     - added some pushs and pops in VBE functions (bug fixes?)
 * stage2/boot.c:
     - check if loading module behind memory
     - add create_vbe_module func
     - add set_load_addr func
 * stage2/builtins.c:
     - add modaddr_func func
     - add struct builtin builtin_modaddr, adds the "modaddr" command
     - add "Hit any key to continue." if multiple pages of VBE modes are to
       be displayed
     - add vbeset_func func
     - add struct builtin builtin_vbeset, adds the "vbeset" command
 * stage2/common.c:
     - ERR_BADMODADDR = "Bad modaddr"
 * stage2/shared.h:
     - add ERR_BADMODADDR to enum
     - add prototypes for reset_vbe_mode, get_vbe_pmif, set_load_addr and
 * stage2/stage2.c:
     - add history function
     - add entry selection shortcut function
     - add current entry no in right upper corner of menu
     - add vi up and down keys in menu
     - reverted page up and down to my variant, behaves in a slightly
       different way (redrawing etc.), probably still needs some thinking
       (code size)
     - add 'r' for reload

Revision history:
 - 2002 Dec 30: first version
 - 2003 Jan 05: - add pcnet32 drv
                - fix eepro100 variable shadowing warnings
		- needed to redo configure and Makefiles
 - 2003 Jan 06: - fix 3c905 variable shadowing warnings
 - 2003 Jan 07: - add Dresden tulip drv (ntulip)

 - 2003 Apr 29: sorry, too much changes to list for now :/