Master's Thesis:
Linux-Emulation auf einem Mikrokern

From Michael Hohmuth <>


The aim of this work was to port the Linux operating system to the L4 microkernel. We discussed several ways to achieve this goal, and designed and implemented a Linux server running on L4 which required only minimal changes to the Linux kernel's architecture-independent parts and device drivers. The server's ABI is binary compatible to Linux/i386.

Full Paper

Unfortunately, this paper is only available in German.
  • Diplomarbeit: Linux-Emulation auf einem Mikrokern (hypertext document)
  • same document in PostScript
  • In English:

  • Slides from a talk about this project (Postscript document)
  • More reading about the Linux port to the L4 microkernel

  • Reading about L4
  • Linux on L4 homepage
  • Linux Architecture-Specific Kernel Interfaces (hypertext document, also available as PostScript)
  • Related work: Lites port to L3, an earlier project
  • Related work: Jean Wolter's master's thesis on Implementing a Multi-Server Unix Emulation on L3 (in German)

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