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L3 development resources

Local Resources

We (in Dresden) have been using L3 for a while, and we can offer you the following:
  • C Cross development environment, consisting of patched Gcc and GNU assembler/binutilities, plus an a.out loader for L3. Currently, the usual mode of operation is to cross-compile programs on some Unix platform, and then ftp them to an L3 machine to execute them there.

  • Some C libraries which allow interfacing the L3 kernel with C programs: libl3sys (system calls bindings and standard memory manager interface), libl3prot (support for standard L3 protocols, e.g. terminal interface and the Supervisor protocol), libl3util (some utilities used within the above libraries), libserv (startup code and utilities for L3 servers).

    If you're interested in anything of the above, please look around at ftp://ftp.inf.tu-dresden.de/pub/os/L3/devel/.

  • Some preliminary documentation for the above (l3doc). The documentation currently is in bad shape; we would like to have manual pages for every library routine we've implemented, but we haven't gotten around to write them yet. That's why, the libraries' source code currently is the best documentation.

  • A mailing list <l4-hackers@os.inf.tu-dresden.de> for discussion of implementation related issues. This is a low-volume mailing list (typically <30 messages/month). The discussion language is English.

    To subscribe, send mail to <l4-hackers-request@os.inf.tu-dresden.de>.

The original L3 documentation (User's Guide and Programmer's Reference Guide, both in German) is available as well as part of the L3FREI distribution. You may want to try to contact ACI directly for hardcopy versions of these documents.

Also, I should mention that currently our C cross compilation environment is incapable of interfacing with the standard L3 shell (i.e., we don't have an ELAN interface, and we cannot use files and other system objects provided by the standard shell). An earlier Gcc port (of gcc version 1, running native on L3) did provide such an interface, but I don't know if this port is currently available. I can try to find out, however, if you're interested.

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