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Welcome to DROPS!

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What's new

Jun 2006
BID using build directories
The build infrastructure for DROPS has been extended to use build directories.

19 Aug 2004
L4Linux-2.6 released
L4Linux-2.6 is based on L4Env. For more information refer to the L4Linux website.

30 Jun 2003
L4Env and DDE 0.1 released
The DROPS team has released version 0.1 of L4Env, the L4 Environment, and DDE, the Device Driver Environment. L4Env is a programming environment for application development on top of the L4 microkernel family. DDE is an environment for Linux device drivers for using native Linux 2.4 drivers together with L4Env.

9 Apr 2003
DROPS demo disk available
We have compiled a DROPS demo floppy image which can be copied to a floppy and shows you Fiasco and some of the DROPS components. See the download page for further information.

2 Apr 2003
Fiasco 1.0 released
After years of development, Fiasco 1.0 was released. The Fiasco microkernel is the basis of the DROPS project. Get more info on the Fiasco pages.

1 Jul 2002
Screenshots! Norman Feske is working on a new real-time windowing system for DROPS, called Dope. This system runs L4Linux in a window, along with other windows displaying real-time widgets. Find more information about it on the Dope pages.

11 Oct 2000
The remote-CVS server is back up and functional. Sorry for any inconvenience.

28 September 1999
Released a new package called oskit10_support which adapts the current OSKit 0.97 to Fiasco and L4. With this library, many OSKit applications can run unchanged on top of Fiasco and L4. This package is part of the l4 module - download it via remote CVS!

8 June 1999
Released several DROPS components via read-only remote CVS.

7 June 1999
Redesigned this webpage.

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