L4Re - Building

  1. Be on a recent Linux system.
  2. Get the sources as described on the download page.
  3. Check the build requirements:
    somewhere# apt install make dialog gawk g++ binutils pkg-config g++-multilib flex bison device-tree-compiler
    If you're cross-compiling, e.g. for Arm, also ensure you have the right cross-compiler gcc toolchain installed.
  4. Unpack the snapshot archive to a convenient place and change into it:
    cd l4re-base-X.Y
  5. Configure by calling
    make setup
    and select ARM64 or ARM, and then the rpi4. Then leave the dialog.
  6. Build it by calling:
    Please use make -j8 or similar to speed up building.

For more information please continue at the documentation page, specifically the Getting Started section.

While L4Re and the microkernel are being built, you might want to look at some screenshots.

Some more details how building behind the scenes works.

Target-specific Guides and Information