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This is the DROPS demo disk, it shows some applications which
are developed within the DROPS project, a microkernel based system targeting
real-time and quality of service systems. DROPS is short for
"Dresden Real-time OPerating System".

Specifically, this disk contains the GRUB boatloader, the Fiasco
microkernel, the DOpE real-time capable windowing system, and some small
"toy" programs. 

To use the diskette, just copy the image to a floppy and boot a computer
with it. Once booted, a GRUB menu with several entries will show up, just
choose one you like (use the arrow keys and the ENTER key for this).
After choosing, the GRUB will load all the components and start the system.
To choose another entry, please reboot your system (with the reset key).

Please note that the programs on the diskette do not access any harddisks
installed on the computer on which the diskette is started.

For more information about DROPS, please visit

for more information about the Fiasco microkernel,  please look at

Diskette compiled by
  Adam Lackorzynski <>