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Library Initialization
[L4 Region Mapper Library API Reference]

Data Structures

struct  l4rm_vm_range
 VM address range. More...


typedef struct l4rm_vm_range l4rm_vm_range_t
 VM address range.


L4_CV int l4rm_init (int have_l4env, l4rm_vm_range_t used[], int num_used)
 Init Region Mapper.
L4_CV l4_threadid_t l4rm_region_mapper_id (void)
 Return service id of region mapper thread.
L4_CV void l4rm_service_loop (void) __attribute__((noreturn))
 Region mapper service loop.


const l4_addr_t l4rm_heap_start_addr
 L4RM heap map address.

Function Documentation

L4_CV int l4rm_init ( int  have_l4env,
l4rm_vm_range_t  used[],
int  num_used 

Init Region Mapper.

have_l4env Set to != 0 if started with the L4 environment (L4RM then uses the default dataspace manager to allocate its descriptor heap)
used Used VM address range, do not use for internal data. These address ranges are only excluded during l4rm_init, if an address range should further not be used, it also has to be reserved (l4rm_area_reserve()) after L4RM is initialized.
num_used Number of elements in used.
0 on success, -1 if initialization failed

L4_CV l4_threadid_t l4rm_region_mapper_id ( void   ) 

Return service id of region mapper thread.

Id of region mapper thread.

L4_CV void l4rm_service_loop ( void   ) 

Region mapper service loop.

Used in l4env_startup (l4env).

L4 Region Mapper Reference Manual, written by Lars Reuther  © 2000-2003