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l4rm_region_desc Struct Reference

internal region descriptor More...

#include <l4rm.h>

Data Fields

l4_addr_t start
 start address
l4_addr_t end
 end address
l4_uint32_t flags
 region flags
void * userptr
 user pointer for area
struct l4rm_region_descnext
 next region
struct l4rm_region_descprev
 previous region
l4dm_dataspace_t ds
 attached dataspace
l4_offs_t offs
 start offset
l4_uint32_t rights
 access rights to the attached dataspace
l4_threadid_t pager
 external pager

Detailed Description

internal region descriptor

L4 Region Mapper Reference Manual, written by Lars Reuther  © 2000-2003