names - DROPS Name Service


Names is a simple name service for DROPS. It provides a mapping of names (strings) to L4 thread_ids and vice versa.


Names implements the following primitives:

Names enforces a string being registered at most once at a certain time.


The number of names that can be registered is NAMES_MAX_ENTRIES, the maximum name length is NAMES_MAX_NAME_LEN. These values are defined in libnames.h.

Security is currently not a big thing in names. A thread can register a name for an arbitrary thread_id - and unregister it as well.


The DROPS Name Service is implemented as an L4 server. Currently it has only one command line option:

-verbose <verbosity>
If lt;verbositygt; is 1 all register and unregister requests are logged. With lt;verbositygt; set to 2 also all query requests are logged.
The library libnames.a - names client API library provides a convenient way to access the DROPS Name Service through a set of C function calls.

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