File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
attach.c [code]
client.h [code]Omega0 client interface
lib/src/config.h [code]
server/src/config.h [code]Configuration
create_threads.c [code]Low-level thread creation
create_threads.h [code]Thread creation interface
detach.c [code]
emul.c [code]Thumb emulation of some omega0-functions
events.c [code]Event server support
events.h [code]Event server support
globals.c [code]Omega0 server globals
globals.h [code]Omega0 server global declarations
internal.c [code]
internal.h [code]
irq_threads.c [code]IRQ threads handling client requests and IRQs
irq_threads.h [code]IRQ threads API
list.c [code]
main.c [code]Main routine
omega0_proto.h [code]
pass.c [code]
request.c [code]
server.c [code]IPC server implementation
server.h [code]
timeout.c [code]

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