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L4 Semaphore Reference Manual



The L4 Semaphore library provides a simple, task-local counting semaphore implementation on L4. In case of no contention on the semaphore the up() and down() operations are simple increment resp. decrement operations on the semaphore counter. In case of contention on the semaphore a semaphore thread is used to block and wakeup threads and to manage the semaphore wait queues.

Library Usage

To use the L4 Semaphore library you need to include <l4/semaphore/semaphore.h> and link libsemaphore.a to your binaries, the library depends on the L4 thread library (l4thread).

The L4 Semaphore library is usually initialized by the L4Env startup code during the setup of a new task, the application does not need to do anything.

L4 Semaphore Reference Manual, written by Lars Reuther  © 2000-2003