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Open Trusted Computing (OpenTC)

Our Wiki provides useful tips regarding configuration and usage of TUD:OS - and you can add your knowledge to topics by yourself.

L4 Environment (L4Env) documentation

L4Env is a programming environment for application development on top of the L4 microkernel family.

L4Env-core Interface documentation

The L4Env-core Interface is the stable and publicly supported part of the L4env.

L4 Microkernel Fiasco homepage

Fiasco is a microkernel running on various hardware architectures.

L4Linux homepage

L4Linux is a port of the Linux kernel to the L4 microkernel API. It is a (para-)virtualized Linux running on top of a hypervisor, completely without privileges if wanted. L4Linux runs in user-mode on top of the microkernel, side-by-side with other microkernel applications such as real-time components. It is binary-compatible with the normal Linux/x86 kernel and can be used with any PC-based Linux distribution.


DICE is an IDL compiler, which translates an interface definition of a component into communication code for L4 micro-kernels.

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