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GRUB 0.90.fm3.8 network boot-disk creator

(1) Menu file location

(2) Drivers included

(3) Go!!

You'll get a FAT-formatted disk image. Put it on a floppy with:
dd if=grubdisk.img of=/dev/fd0
As long as you leave the file stage2 untouched, you can copy/delete/edit files on the disk.

Possible menu file locations begin with

  • (nd)/ for TFTP,
  • (fd0)/ for a file on the bootfloppy or
  • (hd...)/ for files on hard disks.
For the format of GRUB's menu file see http://www.uruk.org/orig-grub/commands.txt.
Filesystem semantics are described at http://www.uruk.org/orig-grub/filesystem.txt.
To boot from the network, you have set up BOOTP and TFTP servers correctly.

Here is a small example for a menu.lst file that uses some new features of GRUB.
This is the GRUB Users Manual for Version 0.5.97.
This is the new Multiboot Specification.

Here is a Debian packet for Debian/Woody.

Last modified: 2008 Mai 28 Frank Mehnert