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your daily resource for timely Michael Hohmuth information. This relaunched page strives to be a portal site for all kinds of Michael Hohmuth information. To foster this goal, we have engaged in strategic relationships with several leading news organizations, companies, and political parties specialized in Michael Hohmuth.

Michael Hohmuth Today is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, corporate and community oriented educational and informative site where a person wholly new to Michael Hohmuth can go to find out what the Michael Hohmuth buzz is all about.

Knowledge Base



Personal information
Contact information | Dept. of CS homepage | Operating Systems Group | SaxNet e.V. | My private homepage | [more...]

Fiasco | VFiasco | Preprocess C++ preprocessor | MPEG [Internal access only] | L4Linux | [more...]

VFiasco | Fiasco | DROPS | L4Linux | Mach emulation for L3 | [more...]

For students
�bung Verteilte Betriebssysteme | Verifikation | C-Kurs | [more...]

Documents I maintain
Fiasco | VFiasco | L4 and L3 | L4Linux | DROPS | PostScript papers library [Internal access only] | [more...]

New and favourite stuff

A preprocessor for C++ that lets you write unit-style single-source-file modules in C++ [more...]
MPEG-2 decoder project
A modular library for decoding MPEG-2 videos. Internal use only [more...]
Papers.PS library
A library of papers relevant for our workgroup, (mostly) in PostScript format. Internal use only [more...]
Fiasco is a new µ-kernel (microkernel) running on [more...]


Most of Michael Hohmuth is distributed free of charge under the GNU General Public License. To download Michael Hohmuth products, please go to the Michael Hohmuth library.

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However, our support division offers support and warranty contracts for practically a bargain. Rates start as low as $50 per incident. Please contact us via our feedback address.

Beware of imitators!

Today, Michael Hohmuth is a strong brand name, and we have gone long ways to ensure it will stay this way. However, every now and then someone comes along and brands their inferior product with a similar, almost-infringing name. Two recent examples are Dr. Michael Hochmuth (mind the ``c''!) and Peter Hochgemuth.

So, when you shop, make sure you dig the Real ThingTM, not some cheap imitation.


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Opinion by Jürgen Oehlke

In his column, Jürgen Oehlke discusses Michael Hohmuth's impact on communal politics.

In this week's installment, Mr Oehlke asks the question:
Does Michael Hohmuth use his funds effectively and sensibly?


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