L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
l4util_mb_info_t Struct Reference

#include <mb_info.h>

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Data Fields

l4_uint32_t flags
 MultiBoot info version number.
l4_uint32_t mem_lower
 available memory below 1MB
l4_uint32_t mem_upper
 available memory starting from 1MB [kB]
l4_uint32_t boot_device
 "root" partition
l4_uint32_t cmdline
 Kernel command line.
l4_uint32_t mods_count
 number of modules
l4_uint32_t mods_addr
 module list
l4_uint32_t mmap_length
 size of memory mapping buffer
l4_uint32_t mmap_addr
 address of memory mapping buffer
l4_uint32_t drives_length
 size of drive info buffer
l4_uint32_t drives_addr
 address of driver info buffer
l4_uint32_t config_table
 ROM configuration table.
l4_uint32_t boot_loader_name
 Boot Loader Name.
l4_uint32_t apm_table
 APM table.
l4_uint32_t vbe_ctrl_info
 VESA video contoller info.
l4_uint32_t vbe_mode_info
 VESA video mode info.
l4_uint16_t vbe_mode
 VESA video mode number.
l4_uint16_t vbe_interface_seg
 VESA segment of prot BIOS interface.
l4_uint16_t vbe_interface_off
 VESA offset of prot BIOS interface.
l4_uint16_t vbe_interface_len
 VESA lenght of prot BIOS interface.
l4_uint32_t tabsize
 (a.out) Kernel symbol table info
l4_uint32_t num
 (ELF) Kernel section header table

Detailed Description

MultiBoot Info description

This is the struct passed to the boot image. This is done by placing its address in the EAX register.

Definition at line 207 of file mb_info.h.

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