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vbus.h File Reference

Description of the vbus C API. More...

#include <l4/sys/compiler.h>
#include <l4/vbus/vbus_types.h>
#include <l4/sys/types.h>
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enum  { L4VBUS_NULL = 0, L4VBUS_ROOT_BUS = 0 }
 Constants for device nodes. More...
enum  L4vbus_dma_domain_assign_flags { L4VBUS_DMAD_UNBIND = 0, L4VBUS_DMAD_BIND = 1, L4VBUS_DMAD_L4RE_DMA_SPACE = 0, L4VBUS_DMAD_KERNEL_DMA_SPACE = 2 }
 Flags for l4vbus_assign_dma_domain(). More...


int l4vbus_get_device_by_hid (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t parent, l4vbus_device_handle_t *child, char const *hid, int depth, l4vbus_device_t *devinfo)
 Find a device by the human interface identifier (HID). More...
int l4vbus_get_next_device (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t parent, l4vbus_device_handle_t *child, int depth, l4vbus_device_t *devinfo)
 Find next child following child. More...
int l4vbus_get_device (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t dev, l4vbus_device_t *devinfo)
 Obtain detailed information about a Vbus device. More...
int l4vbus_get_resource (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t dev, int res_idx, l4vbus_resource_t *res)
 Obtain the resource description of an individual device resource. More...
int l4vbus_is_compatible (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t dev, char const *cid)
 Check if the given device has a compatibility ID (CID) or HID that matches cid. More...
int l4vbus_get_hid (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t dev, char *hid, unsigned long max_len)
 Get the HID (hardware identifier) of a device. More...
int l4vbus_request_resource (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_resource_t const *res, int flags)
 Request a resource of a specific type. More...
int l4vbus_assign_dma_domain (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, unsigned domain_id, unsigned flags, l4_cap_idx_t dma_space)
 Bind or unbind a kernel DMA space (L4::Task) or a L4Re::Dma_space to a DMA domain. More...
int l4vbus_release_resource (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_resource_t const *res)
 Release a previously requested resource. More...
int l4vbus_vicu_get_cap (l4_cap_idx_t vbus, l4vbus_device_handle_t icu, l4_cap_idx_t cap)
 Get capability of ICU. More...

Detailed Description

Description of the vbus C API.

Definition in file vbus.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

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anonymous enum

Constants for device nodes.


NULL device.


Root device on the vbus.

Definition at line 22 of file vbus.h.