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DROPS - The Dresden Real-Time Operating System Project

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The following components are available at their project-pages: Fiasco, L4Env, L4Linux.

Download the demonstration diskette

We have compiled a demonstration diskette image containing Fiasco and some DROPS components.
Feel free to try it out! The download directory contains an image for a 1.44MB floppy disk. The current version is linked here. Updates may appear without further notice.

The image currently contains the GRUB bootloader, Fiasco and some simple applications like hello, a well known "Hello World!" type of program. There're also a demo of the DOpE windowing system running on top of Fiasco as well as some other small programs.

The README file, which is also on the disk, can be found here.
If you have problems or questions concerning the demo diskette, please contact me.

If you are looking for the TUD:OS Demo CD please refer to the Demo CD site.

How to use the SVN repository

  1. Retrieve the repomgr script to check out selected parts of the archive.
          $ svn co -N http://svn.tudos.org/repos/tudos/trunk tudos
  2. Check out any of the modules listed below:
          $ cd tudos
          $ ./repomgr co hello
  3. To show available modules:
          $ ./repomgr modules

Generated snapshots

For those that might have problems accessing the SVN repository there are daily generated snapshots available here.

The old CVS repository

The old CVS repository has been switched off. In urgent matters access is still possible by contacting webmaster at os.

What is available via SVN?

Here is a list of software we've made available via SVN:

Module Description
grub Our version of the GRUB bootloader.
Warning! This is not the official GRUB distribution, which is available from the FSF!
hello All the packages needed to build and start Fiasco and the Hello World program, i.e. Fiasco, oskit, user programs, some L4 build tools.
l4env All the packages, config files and tools needed to build the L4Env: L4Env packages, dice, config tool, dependency tool, BID make macros.
dice The Dice IDL compiler.
fiasco The Fiasco kernel and the preprocess tool to build Fiasco.

L4Linux is available from the L4Linux website.

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