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 I am trying to use a FORE PCA-200E to read from an ATM link in a not very
intrusive way (with splitters). I need to read from no zero VPs. I have
read that the driver for linux does not support VP!=0 yet. Will it be
possible soon? I am also trying to use it in a Sun Workstation but the
results are also null (XTI says protocol error when I try to use VP=1 for
example) although Fore says in its web the NIC is able to do it.

 Has anybody ever faced this need? Any advice will be really helpful

Thanks in advance.


Daniel Morato Oses
Assistant Lecturer
Dpt. Automatics and Computer Science
Public University of Navarra
Campus Arrosadia s/n
C.P. 31006
tlfno: 34 948 169854
FAX: 34 948 168924, 34 948 169281

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