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raw atm


   Recently I have found a very interesting file (for me) at:

It gives an example of how to write and read a cell using using Fore
Systems' SBus (100 series) ATM Interface. The problem is that I am using
the PCA200-EPC ATM interface. 

Can anybody tell me where can I find the programming interface
specification to access cells directly with PCA200-EPC adapters?

I will also find very useful if someone could send me any examples.

I also found the adapter programming specification of the PCA200-EPC
adapter AALI, but it is very low level. I suppose (I am not very sure
about this) that the ALL0 as well as AAL4 and AAL5 layers must be over
this layer. So I guess that it is good enough for my applications to lay
over ALL0 and not AALI. Is this correct?

		Thank you in advance


Alfonso Gonzalez 
Msc. High Speed Networks & Distributed Systems
Oxford Brookes University

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